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What types of conditions can I be seen for?

  • Personal Injury

  • Car Accidents

  • Headaches/Migraines

  • Neck pain/Stiffness/Injury

  • Shoulder Pain/Injury

  • Muscle Spasms/Muscle Pains

  • Mid-Back Pain/Low Back Pain

  • Knee Pain/Injury

  • Hip Pain/Injury

  • Calf Pain/Injury

  • Foot Pain/Injury

Our services are important to help improve musculoskeletal complaints that range from athletes to everyday sprains, strains, aches and pains. Post-surgical injuries, ankle sprains, dice herniation, musculoskeletal injuries, joint pain, ligament injuries, and migraine sufferers some of the conditions we work with in our facilities. The utilization of rehabilitation with chiropractic is unlike any other facility in the area. We find it important to intertwine the two for the best benefits for your body. Research has shown that combining exercise therapy with chiropractic care shows large benefits over the isolation of one therapy service. (Patients do have the option for our chiropractic and rehabilitation services to be separately booked dependent upon each case.)


Chiropractic rehabilitation is a proven way to help optimize recovery from injuries and reduce the likelihood of relapses. Rehabilitation is important because many of the injuries and pains that chiropractic treatments address took time to develop and may require strengthening, lengthening and retraining muscles to fully treat. For example, if you have lower back, shoulder or neck problems that took months or years to develop from poor posture, work habits, a favorite hobby or sport, then it often takes more care than an ankle sprain would and longer treatments would be necessary.


While treatments will help reduce your pain and put you on the path to recovery, you need to improve joint mobility, strengthen muscles and improve your flexibility for the best outcome. At Back to Motion Sports Rehab and Fitness we believe that the way to maintaining proper and optimal health of not only athletes, but an everyday individual is derived from the ABCs... Agility, Balance, Coordination and Strength. We use simple tests and skills to assess deficiencies in these four main groups to assure that each patient can train for proper body function and become more aware of there body. Balance issues have been correlated in studies with injury and in order to improve and athletes performance, the musculoskeletal system must be trained to do so.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation: Electrical Muscle Stimulation is an exceptional way to help the body in the healing process. This is accomplished by sending a very small electrical current into the affected soft tissue injury or muscle spasm. The therapy utilizes this current in an effort to help reduce swelling and release trigger points that may have the muscle locked up. It does this by helping the body to release natural relievers of pain often referred to as endorphins. This is a great therapy if there is a spasm in a back or neck muscle. It works well in relaxing the muscle and allowing it to return to its normal state rather quickly. Short therapy sessions are excellent at facilitating healing from acute and chronic pain. 

Package Offers 

Individual Chiropractic & Rehab services are based on each patient. Please call to discuss. Thank you!

The Wellness Package

  • 2 Chiropractic appointments

  • 1 60-minute Relaxation Massage

  • 3 60-minute Customized Personal Training Session.

The Ultimate Health Package

Our most popular monthly package here at Back to Motion: this package is to serve patients with proper integrative medicine to achieve the best prevention and recovery possible.

  • 2 Chiropractic appointments

  • 1 60-minute Relaxation Massage

  • 1 month unlimited group fitness membership

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Maximize your Rehabilitation Benefits


Your chiropractic physician can do a lot to help you feel better after an injury, but in the end you are in control of your ongoing health and comfort. So if you want to get the most benefits from your chiropractic treatments, keep the following three points in mind.

1. MAKE THE TIME—If you think a few minutes of rehab a day takes too much time or energy, consider how much of life you’re missing out on when you’re in pain and use that as motivation to do your exercises.

2. BE CONSISTENT—There are no quick fixes to chronic issues or serious injuries. The best results may take daily time and effort on your part. You’re human so you’re probably going to miss a rehab session or two, just make sure skipping rehab is the exception and not the norm.


3. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and your chiropractor physicians—If you’re not sure if an exercise is working or it doesn’t feel right, talk to your chiropractor about it before completely tossing it aside. Some things you’re experiencing may be normal, and continuing the exercise may be in your best interest. Also, there are almost always ways to modify the prescribed exercises to your tolerance or ability.

Getting results takes consistent work over a period of time, so sticking to your chiropractic rehabilitation plan is your ticket to a quicker recovery and reducing the likelihood of a future recurrence.


Although we recommend a chiropractic rehabilitation combination, patients can have strictly chiropractic or our rehabilitation services separate to meet the needs of all individuals. Call us today to book your appointments for the new year! Our active and modern approach to your healthcare will prove to you why you chose us for our services provided. 


Benefits of chiropractic rehabilitation include increased ranges of motion, decreased likelihood of recurring injury, improvement of athletic performance.  



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