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Dear Prospective Patient,

Back To Motion is an exceptional business because we offer excellent service and value

at low costs over time. Of course, there are other exceptional businesses that offer excellent

services, especially our competition. BTM was designed to be a long lasting business from the

start. By limiting our fixed expenses such as unnecessary square ft space, automating time

consuming tasks, and not investing in advertising, we are able to drastically reduce our costs

year over year. This allows us to spend more time with patients and provide more value that our

competition cannot due to their high expenses, which will compoundingly increase year over year.

This model we use requires extensive focus on patient care and value which we feel will

make us a long lasting business. Furthermore, the free cash flow from BTM is strategically

placed into different businesses that also have a long lasting, durable and competitive

advantage. These investments provide other streams of earning power which contributes to

unrelated income to the business. In other words, these investments will grow regardless of the

performance of BTM, which will help decrease the overhead costs of BTM EVEN FURTHER!

With these combining factors, every year BTM is in business, we should become more profitable

relative to our expenses, allowing us to keep our prices low and make it harder for competition

to enter. In summary, our competition’s expenses increase year over year and in order to

maintain the same profits, must decrease patient treatment time and the quality of care. These

are the reasons Back To Motion is a long lasting business. Hopefully you will be part of our

success, but more importantly, we will be part of yours.

Yours Truly,

Dr. Bradley Visconti

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